Friday, July 9, 2010

Safety First!

We installed several safety features today including; kitchen fire extinguisher, front area fire extinguisher, fire alarm and CO2 alarm. We also installed the final LED light bulb, from Philips and purchased at Home Depot, in one of the kitchen light fixtures. I am happy to report that the solar power system is working well and with the inverter we have great AC and DC power. While we were there we inspected the terrific plumbing work done by my father in law. From the pictures you can see the water pump, new tank and some new pipes in the washroom.


Carl said...


Just my 2 cents about the CO detector: in my opinion a CO detector should not be installed near the floor. CO has pretty much the same density as air. It is in fact a little denser but not by much, and any air movement such as people walking by or similar will mix the CO with the air, it is not heavy enough to sink down like LP gas does. For this reason CO detector manufacturers often don't specify were to mount the detector, they are usually mounted "where people are". In my opinion, in a motorhome, any CO will probably come from a heat-producing appliance, and CO will likely rise to the ceiling with the hot air, where it could get to high concentrations before a floor-mounted detector sounds the alarm. I mounted mine on the ceiling.


VoyageVixen said...

thanks for your comments carl :) We've always mounted them near the floor but I'll take a look into the ceiling idea.