Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home Sweet Home - part 2 of vintage interiors

Home sweet home, a look at the vintage interior

Vintage vantage... a look at old Travco brochures

Piece by piece

I am slowly collecting parts for Myrtle. We found a place to make her 2 new access doors for the furnace and back storage area, from Hobo Camper in Calgary. I am ordering a replacement windshield from RV Glass Experts. And I have posted on the Travco Yahoo Group asking for a recommendation for new windshield wipers. We are waiting on the newly recovered seats from Cascade Vans. A lot of developments this month!

Also we have found two options for a replacement stereo that still looks vintage: Becker Classic and Retro Sound. I think we will opt for the Retro Sound one. We want something that looks good and can play music from our ipods. Then we will put in new speakers for surround sound!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New seats and new access doors?

I located some great second hand Class A seats from a big posh diesel pusher via Cascade Vans. They do great work and I am looking forward to having them re-covered in some kick ass goldish colored marine vinyl. They guys at the shop also informed me of Hobo Camper Country who is supposed to be able to custom make some access panels for the back storage area (where the generator used to be) and the furnace. I am looking forward to checking them out. We will use the generator space for storage as we don't plan on putting in another generator. We plan on using all solar and will have shore power hook up when needed. I also picked up a sweet 1964 license plate for her front. 

Maybe if the stars all align she'll be ready for her debut this summer. One can hope!