Friday, August 8, 2014

Spare tire reborn

Myrtle came with 6 wheels and tires in need of replacement. We had previously purchased seven 17.5 inch Yokohama Y785R tires. For other tire options check out Buttercup's blog: 

We searched for a spare rim, and were lucky enough to buy one from Buttercup's owner. We've just had it sandblasted, powder coated and the tire mounted. Here are the before and after photos below. The next step is getting a sweet custom cover made.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Wax on, Wax off - the secrets to shiny fibreglass

In previous years we've done a very time consuming process of waxing Myrtle with traditional car wax that requires muscles and time to buff off. After hearing about another method on, we tried it out (link to the the post try this on a small, inconspicuous part first - while it worked well for us I cannot guarantee the process.

Essentially we first washed Myrtle really, really, really well and used the Bar Keepers friend powdered cleanser to remove stains, and rinsed it really well. Then we used 6 coats of Zep High Traffic Floor Finish, which goes on much easier than car wax!. Going forward we anticipate just using one coat each year. A week later the results are still terrific! (Note it does not repair crazing, fill in cracks etc but it did bring out the colour of the fibreglass gelcoat and make it nice and shiny).