Sunday, August 9, 2009

New seats installed

So much work was completed this weekend! For now I will just post a few pictures of the newly installed seats. Also the wood panels in the driver/passenger area have been installed.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Purrs like a kitten

Before the big storm, we tuned up the engine and completed the following; new electronic ignition, new spark plugs, new carburetor linkage, new fuel lines, new fluids, checked the timing, cleaned carburetor, fixed the choke, fixed the heat cross over, hooked up the heater, replaced all the hoses, and a rad new paint job!

The awesome book on the Dodge 318 came in handy!

Hail Damage :(

We had high hopes of finishing several things today but instead we had to repair the damage done by a wicked hail/thunder storm. She lost 3 orange front clearance lights and 2 red rear ones (the ones on the roof), some dents, one of the crappy plastic roof vents (which can be seen shredded in the picture), and a flooded side panel where the fridge is. It could have been worse and there was minimal water inside. We got a new crappy plastic roof vent that we will soon replace with a galvanized metal one from Vintage Trailer Supply. We did find 3 orange clearance light lenses and replaced those but we are waiting on 2 red ones coming in from vancouver. She has to have the lights to pass safety as well.

sigh.... we did manage to paint her last two wheels and put a final coat of bondo on the front grill. We hope to have her ready for windshield installation on Monday and safety inspection shortly after that. I remain hopeful that she will still be ready in time for our vacation starting August 28, 2009.

Check back for a more cheery update on yesterday's motor progress.