Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sun and water

Today my better half installed the 2 solar panels on Myrtle's roof, which give us 190 watts of free, clean power from the sun. The Carmanah 95 watt solar panels are hooked up to the Magna-sine sinewave inverter and the bank of two 6-volt US Battery brand batteries and it all works! We used a Go Power solar regulator and Magnum Energy remote control. The Magna-sine inverter can also be used as a shore charger to run the 'house' electricity and charge the batteries, if we are hooked up to shore power. All of the interior light bulbs are LED by Philips, which provides great lighting and saves electricity. You can see a roof patch by the panels which covers the old furnace chimney hole. The new furnace that will be installed will vent from the side.

The new kitchen tap we purchased at Home Depot was also installed. The tap has a nice retro feel. The previous tap was quite damaged, perhaps from water freezing in the lines. The bathroom tap is the next to be replaced.


1966 Travco 270 said...

I must say it looks good! I like the "glowing" inverter too.

Chrisinotown said...

Can i ask what the cost was for the project and where did you get teh pannels?
I have a 76 that i am doing work to.
Thank you, Chris

VoyageVixen said...

Thanks '1966 travco 270' I think we'll be hitting the road soon for a short trip!

Chrisinotown: The set up cost about $4000.00 CDN and we got the panels from:

christoph said...

that is a really nice looking set up

VoyageVixen said...

christoph, thanks so much! it has worked well so far. I am eager to try it out one some trips this month.

Joanne Knight-Reader said...

How are the solar panels holding up? The low profile installation looks really great, wondering if you have covers for them when you travel and how the surfaces have held up. If you don't mind, please let me know how the actual usage is working for you and what you can power up and if you have any difficulties or would do something different from hindsight. Think Spring :)