Friday, August 8, 2014

Spare tire reborn

Myrtle came with 6 wheels and tires in need of replacement. We had previously purchased seven 17.5 inch Yokohama Y785R tires. For other tire options check out Buttercup's blog: 

We searched for a spare rim, and were lucky enough to buy one from Buttercup's owner. We've just had it sandblasted, powder coated and the tire mounted. Here are the before and after photos below. The next step is getting a sweet custom cover made.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Wax on, Wax off - the secrets to shiny fibreglass

In previous years we've done a very time consuming process of waxing Myrtle with traditional car wax that requires muscles and time to buff off. After hearing about another method on, we tried it out (link to the the post try this on a small, inconspicuous part first - while it worked well for us I cannot guarantee the process.

Essentially we first washed Myrtle really, really, really well and used the Bar Keepers friend powdered cleanser to remove stains, and rinsed it really well. Then we used 6 coats of Zep High Traffic Floor Finish, which goes on much easier than car wax!. Going forward we anticipate just using one coat each year. A week later the results are still terrific! (Note it does not repair crazing, fill in cracks etc but it did bring out the colour of the fibreglass gelcoat and make it nice and shiny).



Saturday, February 15, 2014

Myrtle on Tiny House Swoon!

Myrtle has recently been featured on the wonderful Tiny House Swoon blog. The blog is full of unique tiny home, both stationary and mobile.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Dodge Commercial Traveler Part Two

The Dodge Commercial Traveler is cleverly described as the the Dodge Motorhome in a business suit! This brochure brings us five stories of American business. And how Dodge Commercial Travelers help keep them on the move. The brochure describes the salesroom on wheels used by International Minerals & Chemical Corporation,  the showroom on wheels for GE's Voltage Regulator Business Section, a display room on wheels for Robertshaw Controls Company, a studio on wheels for the Boston Radio station WHDH, and the office/home on wheels for Gordon Morrison's ow film of manufacturers' representatives. Take a peek at the brochure for photos of each of these diverse applications.

The Dodge Commercial Traveler Part One

Quoted from the brochure, Business & Professional Users Report on: The Dodge Commercial Traveler; "The Dodge Commercial Traveler - more economical than a branch office and covering far more territory - can extend the scope of your business far beyond its present territorial limitations. Right now Dodge Commercial Traveler sales offices, field offices, etc., are doing for hundreds of businesses what yours could be doing for you: reaching more of your market as the mobile right arm of your business" (Page 2).

The brochure goes on to describe the many ways the Dodge Commercial Traveler is utilized; field research vehicle, mobile lab, sounds systems demonstrator, testing centre for students, annunciator exhibit, motorized bank branch. Other users include; Attorneys, beauty salons, candidates for public office, delicatessens, photographers, doctors, field offices, dog kennels, blood banks, various governmental agonies, and the United States Air Force. The units are custom crafted to the exact requirements of the purchaser. The brochure outlines standard specifications, standard equipment, and optional equipment available. It includes; axle capacities, exterior and interior measurements (height, width, length, wheelbase, weight). 

I have not been fortunate enough to ever see a Dodge Commercial Traveler unit in real life, but the brochure offers some photo of the many unique configurations.

Ray Frank and the original Dodge Motorhome

"The Travco/Dodge Motor Home design and fiberglass body were refinements by Ray Frank to the original Frank Motor Home, a conventional box-type design based on the Dodge chassis and built in Brown City, Michigan from 1958-1962. Ray Frank, founder of Frank Industries, also made up the name "motorhome" and went on to develop Xplorer Motorhomes. Mr. Frank has been inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame & Museum (RV/MH Heritage Foundation, Elkhart Indiana) as the father of the motorhome." (Source:

These photos showcase an original Frank Motorhome. All photos are copyright and owned by Ryan Brutt who graciously allowed me to use them. As you can see in the photos there are some shared elements between this early model and Myrtle including; the same Hehr side dinette windows, similar side vents to allow in cool air while driving, the dashboard dial setup, a push button transmission (although in the Frank it's down beside the driver's seat rather than beside the steering wheel), the grate above the dog house, sun visors, rearview mirror (although in the Frank it is mounted on the dash and in Myrtle it is from the ceiling), furnace controller, kitchen vent, stove and possibly fridge. The wing-like symbol on the exterior is the same as the one on Myrtle's glove box. 


This brochure showcases the early boxy body style of the first Dodge Motorhomes. It provides information on standard equipment, optional equipment and floor plans. The brochures states "The world and your doorstep - A new way of life. Now! The Answer to America's living problems... The all new Dodge Motorhome ... planned for gracious living, extended tours, or even short weekend trips. Enjoy the modern conveniences of home while cruising at highways speeds." (Page 4)