Sunday, July 18, 2010

Almost there!

Myrtle is getting very close to completion. The new exhaust manifold was installed today and works well. We also put in a new Victor Reinz exhaust manifold gasket that we purchased at Napa. We took her for a test drive and she she runs great! I also tried out the solar power system by using the the vacuum to clean out some accumulated debris. It had great power and barely made a dent in the stored battery power levels. The AC and DC power is working great.

We were also able to add in some nice decorative touches including a hanging a clock and a piece of metal art. The curtains were a great find from a vintage store called Populuxe. They are new old stock and in mint condition. We added in some extra security with new strike plates on the doors as well.

Tomorrow we are hoping to drop her off to get her new windshields put in as well as the back window resealed.


Laura said...

The curtains are divine! Where did you get/find the fabric?

Rene' said...

Myrtle is really coming along...she looks awesome! Love the decorating!

I'm going to feature her at my new blog instead of bargainhoot.

I wanted to come by and let you know...I'll send a link to the post... Thanks,

VoyageVixen said...

Hi Laura, there is a mid-century modern store in edmonton where I got them:

Rene; thanks so much! I look forward to getting the link!

VoyageVixen said...

Laura there is also this newer antique mall in Calgary that has some mid century items: