Thursday, July 25, 2013

Interior Video!

This video walks you through the interior of Myrtle. You will notice that her windshields and side cab windows have been replaced. The original windows leaked a lot and the windshields were cracked. You can read about the replacement process here: New Glass. Myrtle did have her front cab seats but they were small, not well mounted and lacked shoulder belts. We put in new seats, that came from a wrecked modern motorhome, and had them recovered un funky gold and bronze vinyl. We also installed brand new seat belts, with shoulder belts.

 Another new addition is the orange couch. Myrtle was missing her dinette and original couch when we got her. The couch was found at a second hand store and actually folds down into a bed. We built it in so it is not movable. The brown cushions are the original cushions from her original couch which we have place on the newly built wood bench (with storage inside). The lower cabinets and drawers in the kitchen area were rebuilt (new drawers and new fronts on the cabinets). We painted the interiors blue in order to find things easier and it looks neat. The closet has new doors and the small cabinet area beside it was rebuilt with new shelves and doors. All the doors are outfitted in copper coloured vintage pulls (not original to Myrtle). Within the lower closet area, hidden from view, are Myrtle's two 6 volt, golf cart batteries, and her sine wave inverter, for her solar power system (2 panels on the roof). Luckily Myrtle has retained her lovely original light fixtures which now sport modern LED lightbulbs.

The bathroom remains untouched and original. The bed area used to have a small cabinet at the head with a sliding door. It was not needed so we removed it and but in a custom made mattress that fills the entire area. It's great to have some more leg room. Underneath the bed is a new water tank. Through out Myrtle you will notice vintage decorations, linen and kitchenware. Her front curtains are vintage and were found in brand new condition. Her rear curtains are also vintage but were in a little ore worn condition when found. All curtains have been back with new protective materials and cut and sewn to size. Myrtle even has matching curtains to cover her cab area at night. Myrtle is also outfitted with a variety of vintage touches; white and blue starburst pattern dishes, Catherine Holm pots, a turquoise electric mixer, assorted canisters etc.

Take a peek!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Exterior Video!

We spent a terrific 3 nights camping in the townsite of our favourite National Park: Waterton Lakes National Park. From our calculations Myrtle did about 9 miles per gallon. We intend to do some more major engine work on her at some point so we will see if that makes a difference on her MPG. She did well on the trip there and back, about 540 kms roundtrip.

We made two videos of her at the campground, one exterior and one interior. The exterior is below and shows off some details such as her replaced windshields, tires, and her freshly waxed, original, gelcoat, fibreglass.

Myrtle the 1964 Dodge Travco Motorhome - exterior from Voyagevixen on Vimeo.

Watch for her interior video next week!

Monday, July 1, 2013

First trip of 2013

We took Myrtle out on a short trip in Central Alberta, about 100 kms each way. We got off to a late start as we spent the morning replacing her broken exhaust manifold. We lucked out and found a replacement exhaust manifold a few years ago. At that time we replaced the other side which was broken, this year it was time for this side! The bolts were hard to remove and some had to be drilled out.

Once we got on the road we had a smooth ride and enjoyed our trip.