Sunday, June 13, 2010

Electrical Completion

This weekend we spent a lot of hours waxing the entire 27 feet of myrtle. We also installed the newly painted homemade access doors; one covers the back storage area and the other the solar power batteries. On the other side we painted the other two existing access panels that cover the fridge panel and the storage area for propane tanks.

We previously rewired the entire interior and now we have completed the electrical including breaker box, vent for inverter, inverter installation, and battery installation. Good news all lights and plug ins work! The only thing left is to install and connect the two solar panels. We also dry fitted in the new water tank, underneath the bed area in the back, and are planning out the associated plumbing.

We had a slight scare when Myrtle suddenly refused to fire up when we started her. However, we discovered that her neutral button was not fully pushed in on the push button transmission. After that she purred like a kitten. The brake fluid was filled up and we took Myrtle for a successful test drive.


1966 Travco 270 said...

Yipee! How big will your panels be? maybe 240W total?

VoyageVixen said...

With 2 panels I think it's 180W but we can also add in a 3rd panel if we need it. We converter all the interior lights to LED so that also saves a lot of draw.

Rene'@bargainhoot said...

Thank you for stopping over to my blog and for letting me share some pics! She's a cutie!!

Laura said...

She looks just beautiful!