Sunday, June 6, 2010

She's alive!

After a long winter of sitting Myrtle started right up today. Her brakes seem to still need a bit of tuning, but that's next week's project! Once this is complete then we will taking her in to have her windshields installed.

Today more work was done on the solar power system, specifically the batteries and inverter connections. The two solar panels still need to be installed. The most visibly apparent accomplishment is the entirely homemade access door that was fashioned by cutting down an old motorhome door found at a garage sale. A vent was added afterwards, that came from the eavestrough section of the hardware store. It still needs to be painted "RV White" which is a standard spray can paint color from Tremclad. Later on, when we can find a matching automotive paint for her turquoise color, we will paint the lower portion to match. On the other side we painted to other access panels in the same RV White.

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