Saturday, July 18, 2009

New muffler & New Chrome!

So some of you may not be aware but when we bought our motorhome the muffler was not actually hooked up anymore. The muffler that was there was called "The Muzzler" by Sears. The ride home from Bozeman, Montana all the way to Calgary, Alberta, was rather loud! We installed the new muffler today. We picked up the Flowmaster 70 muffler and all the parts, including a long piece of custom bent pipe, from Unlimited Performance & Exhaust.

We also installed the bumpers that we had chromed (along with the Dodge Motor Home scripts) at Alberta Plating. They did a great job with the huge bumpers and intricate lettering. Previous to the chrome they were painted off white. I think Myrtle will be one of the only 1964 Travcos with shiny chrome bumpers! Check out the vintage 1964 license plate in her photo.

Finally we also bolted in the new seat posts for the driver and passenger seats. We will have shoulder and lap belts on our lovely golden thrones (check out previous posts for pictures of the gold vinyl seats!)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, very cool idea and definitely creative... Adding your feed now. Thanks!