Friday, July 31, 2009

Bed and Bolts!

We removed the back little shelf that was in the bed area. This gave us an extra long bed space, totaling about 86 inches. We got a custom built extra soft, with pillow top, foam mattress that fits the length and the curved side. It made the most sense for us! The bed is from Labbe Bedding.

Now for the bolts... bolts of energy! We bought the entire solar power system today including two solar panels, inverter, remote control and two six volt batteries.

We also found two 212 oscillating AM Equipment wiper motors from Traction Heavy Duty Parts We'll see how they install!


1966 Travco 270 said...

Congrats on getting a sinewave inverter! If I remember right, no generator?

VoyageVixen said...

Yes that's right, no generator! We plan on adding 2 more batteries and 2 more solar panels later on, for longer trips. I should have another blog post up tonight as well.

Troy Hall said...

how much did your solar system cost you?

voyagevixen said...

Troy, We installed it a couple of years ago so prices may be different, as panels are cheaper now. But it was around $3500 for the sine wave inverter, 2 batteries, fuses, wiring and panels. Plus we have converted all of our light bulbs to LED.

Here is another article on our solar system that you may enjoy: