Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Inner Workings

I thought everyone would enjoy some pictures of the inner wiring under the dashboard. You can see a shot of the side air vents, surrounded by new wood, because of course the old stuff was rotted. Also there is a shot of her dials, which are pulled apart as we are getting ready to wire up her new stereo. Also, shots of the (currently) non-working heater, push button transmission, and under the driving column. Today we did manage to correct all of the exterior lighting; headlights, signals, reverse lights, brake lights and the roof top lights. One more thing off the list for the safety inspection!


1966 Travco 270 said...

Amazing to see the difference 2 years made (64 to 66)... I don't have an ash tray (don't need it myself), no glove box and mine has round gauges. You didn't post the "under the steering column" picture :( Thanks for sharing!

VoyageVixen said...

thanks for the heads up! The steering column picture is now posted. I am about to go work on her again so there should be some more pictures again soon!