Monday, July 2, 2018

New front wheel cylinders and brake shoes

The wheels are notoriously difficult to remove on the old travcos with the lower fibreglass skirts. It involves: Jacking up on frame and letting suspension sag, on passenger front wheel turn wheels left, repeat the other way on left and lots of wiggling. Also it was jacked up quite a bit but that still doesn’t help with the tight clearance front to back and side to side around the bolts. On ours the driver side is also reverse lugs. It’s a tough removal!

We replaced the front wheel cylinders and brake shoes. The parts were from Napa Canada; wheel cylinders 28720 and 28721 ($55.00 each), and brake shoes TS-33a Proformer ($52.00 a set). Our vintage manual is great help for mechanical work and copies can sometimes be found on Ebay. Some photos of the manual and work below. 

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