Monday, June 19, 2017

New brake booster

Myrtle's brakes were a bit soft so we embarked on the adventure of replacing her brake booster. Myrtle has a single hydraulic system with one Midland Ross brake booster; #C-462. Refurbished boosters are sold by a few companies. Unfortunately the first one we ordered online was not a match for our booster, as you can see from the photo below, it is smaller than our original one. It is stamped Midland #C-8400-4, and we will be looking to sell this refurbished one as it can not be returned for a refund.

Upon further investigation with our Mopar Parts List manual, the mopar part number (1921313) quoted in the receipt for the smaller booster is actually for a WM300, listed in the book as "Conventional cab - Gasoline Engine 4x4 drive." Motorhomes are all listed as "M" only, and Myrtle is a M375. The Mopar Parts number for a brake booster for a M375 is 2230707. 

Below the photos show the front of the Mopar Parts List manual,  table of contents, Model Specification section, booster cylinder parts information, what a WM300 looks,  and finally and diagram of the brake system. The diagram has reference numbers which them match mopar part numbers in the parts section of the book.



Luckily we were able to connect with a local company in Calgary; Fleet Products/KBR Brakes, who were able to quickly identify the correct replacement and had one in stock! This company has an American counterpart as well; Power Brake Sales. This website was super helpful in trouble shooting and installation: In addition our vintage Dodge Trucks resource book was quite helpful, a few excerpts are below:

The new booster is a Midland Ross C-462, installed, all nicely refurbished and painted. We also found a new booster air cleaner 1/2 inch (part number 2503225).

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