Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Dodge Commercial Traveler Part Two

The Dodge Commercial Traveler is cleverly described as the the Dodge Motorhome in a business suit! This brochure brings us five stories of American business. And how Dodge Commercial Travelers help keep them on the move. The brochure describes the salesroom on wheels used by International Minerals & Chemical Corporation,  the showroom on wheels for GE's Voltage Regulator Business Section, a display room on wheels for Robertshaw Controls Company, a studio on wheels for the Boston Radio station WHDH, and the office/home on wheels for Gordon Morrison's ow film of manufacturers' representatives. Take a peek at the brochure for photos of each of these diverse applications.


CamperTrailers IdealRv said...
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Fstarocka Burns said...

that is so beautiful! We love old vintage stuff (like our old boat from the 70s) - so much charm than modern stuff!

Hopefully you can keep her rolling!

Absolutely beautiful!