Monday, July 15, 2013

Exterior Video!

We spent a terrific 3 nights camping in the townsite of our favourite National Park: Waterton Lakes National Park. From our calculations Myrtle did about 9 miles per gallon. We intend to do some more major engine work on her at some point so we will see if that makes a difference on her MPG. She did well on the trip there and back, about 540 kms roundtrip.

We made two videos of her at the campground, one exterior and one interior. The exterior is below and shows off some details such as her replaced windshields, tires, and her freshly waxed, original, gelcoat, fibreglass.

Myrtle the 1964 Dodge Travco Motorhome - exterior from Voyagevixen on Vimeo.

Watch for her interior video next week!

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