Thursday, November 15, 2012

Myrtle's friend Buttercup

We had the good fortune to meet Buttercup, the 1968 210 Travco, and her awesome owner. Buttercup is 21 feet long and is neatly tucked into her Brooklyn driveway. Buttercup is lucky to have a knowledgable owner and I look forward to following her transformation on her blog:

In addition to viewing this awesome rig, we purchased a spare rim for Myrtle! Now she has a complete set of seven, 6 bolt, 17.5 inch, rims.

We had previously purchased seven 17.5 inch Yokohama Y785R tires. However, these tires may not currently be available. For other tire options check out Buttercup's blog:


Rick in LA said...

Hey.. Can you post on one of your Travco forums that someone in the Seattle area is giving away a '72 Travco for free? You will just need to tow it away as it apparently has brake issues per a local mechanic..
I'm not related to the seller but ran across this post -- just passing along :

Anonymous said...

"Princess Buttercup" that is.

rcb said...

I would like to get in touch with the person who owns "Princess Buttercup". I am on the travcoforum site as rcb. Or if that doesn't work let me know and I can provide an email address. I have some 68 210 questions.



Anonymous said...

Hi RCB I own Buttercup. If you add yourself the travco page on facebook I can reach you there!

rcb said...

I'll hop on there. I don't use facebook much (think I've logged on twice this year) but for the sake of information :)

rcb said...

Ok, I "liked" Travco Classic RV's. Is that the right site? I didn't see anything to join or add a group.

Facebooks GUI leaves something to be desired. User friendly, it is not.

Anonymous said...

Hi RCB was it this one?

Princess Buttercup.