Friday, September 2, 2011

Dodge Builds Tough Trucks Operator's Manual

I was lucky to be able to purchase this little gem book with a box of assorted Travco and Dodge truck documents. Some documents include items literature for the dometic fridge, brochures and manuals for the Onan generator (which Myrtle never had when I got her) and documents for the old Travco Motorcade Association. In the future, I plan on adding full PDF's of some of these resources.


Anonymous said...

Neat find,not easy to find anything good about these old homes,we were real lucky our 1977 320 came with a thick folder full of original paperwork.We got it all downloaded on My website. Congrats........ Mike

voyagevixen said...

thanks for stopping in. I love the My Travco website and all the great manuals you have scanned in!