Friday, March 4, 2011

My Cool Campervan Book

I am very excited about the upcoming release of the "My Cool Campervan" Book, written by Jane Field-Lewis & Chris Haddon. The book is a follow up to "My Cool Caravan: An inspirational Guide to Retro Style Caravans."

In the photos you can see a sneak peek of the the new book, front and back cover. Do you notice anything special on the back cover? Take a good look at the bottom right corner.... Why yes it is a photo of the dashing Myrtle making her literary debut! I anxiously await the release of the book in May 2011 so I can see her in all her glory, among the pages of many magnificent specimens! If you would also like to order a book check out the amazon listing: My Cool Campervan


Anonymous said...

Good to see her showing her pretty face. Congrats , will look foward to the book too. Jody K

VoyageVixen said...

Thanks so much Jody! I am so excited for the book to come out. :)

Sherry Baby said...

I am looking forward to seeing this book! Thank you so much for posting on my blog. It is so nice too to meet another fellow Mid Century Modern in Canada! I am from Saskatchewan!

VoyageVixen said...

Sherry, great to have more mid century modern fans around! :)

Paddy said...

I enjoyed your journey in restoring the old Dodge.
I have an old Dodge as well...a 1962 D300.
Do you have any Alberta sources for chassis parts?
I need a set of six, six bolt wheels that are not split or 2 piece rims.
Gotta keep these things on the road, but not on those rims ;)
Pat in Calgary
psatchwill at hotmail dot com

VoyageVixen said...

Hi there Paddy,

I desperately need a 6 bolt, 17.5 rim for a spare as well! at least I have 6 already :)

I don't have any alberta resources for chassis parts in Alberta. However there is a wrecker in Trochu that has a lot of dodges: "heavy metal auto wreckers"

I also have this book that you may want to search ebay etc for:

VoyageVixen said...

Paddy, you may also want to check this out:

Laura said...

She's famous! (and she looks just dashing on the back cover). Awaiting her debut in May...