Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Myrtle and the Moos

Here you can see Myrtle on her way home from her successful camping trip at Waterton National Park. In one photo she's surround by cows and in the other electricity generating wind mills. She turned a lot of heads and I have out about 10 cards with her photo and blog information.


1966 Travco 270 said...

Both are beautiful photos! I prefer the one with the wind turbines of course. I can see many cows and only one wind turbine from our house. Unfortunately the turbine is not running at this time. The cows don't normally run either, they walk, LOL. I am glad to see you are posting frequently, I need to do a better job myself. We are planning a trip the beginning of October and I hope to post about it. My brother's Travco is still attached to my Travco by the towbar. Need to correct that situation. Keep up the good work.

VoyageVixen said...

Thanks for the comments! The photos turned out quite well considering I took them from my iPhone. I like both cows and wind turbines and it was nice to get a close shot with both.

Lisa said...

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