Sunday, March 8, 2009

the golden thrones...

The re-covering of the seats out of a diesel pusher motor home are complete! I was getting a little nervous about the bold gold and bronze metallic marine vinyl we picked out.... But it was a complete success!

And by a lovely coincidence the guy who re-covered the seats just happened to get in a used dinette cushion seat that also fits in perfectly and lay out to make an extra bed. We will recover them at a later date. At this point we are keeping the brown vinyl original couch cushions. New foundation boxes must be built for he couch and dinette. They should provide a lot of storage as well.

We also scored an old 'voice of the road runner' horn. Myrtle is going to be a real stunner with a 'meep meep' horn. And finally you can see the vintage fan that we are installing in replace of the non-existent air conditioner.

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