Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Wood!

The kitchen cabinets and drawers got all new wood fronts of birch plywood. This replaces the crumbling particle board that look horrible! The drawers and cabinets were all rebuilt on the interior as well so they are nice and fresh and totally mouse free. We also have some new (but vintage) copper knobs to add on once it is all stained.


Sally said...

I was so glad to find your site( I will be following your progress. I love that you gave her a name..
We have a 34 ft.1978 Dodge Sportscoach whose name is Big I got it 10 yrs ago and haven't done much to it until the last few months. I like the idea of keeping and fixing up older motorhomes,(or cars for that matter). The only thing I miss are the slide outs.

Sally said...

Oh, I forgot ,Please check out my new website;

VoyageVixen said...

sally, thanks for stopping in! i appreciate your comments. And thanks for your website link!