Monday, October 13, 2008

More photos

Today we finished up the metal trim between the ceiling panels. I continued on the holy grail of scraping the old varnish off of the existing walls that we are keeping. It is hard work but is quicker and better than sanding.

The first photo is the double bed area in the back, with a storage area underneath. The 2nd is the driver seat/dash area. In this picture, you can see the black interlocking matting we are going to use instead of carpeting under the front seats. The 3rd is a longview from the back to the front of the motor home interior. The last picture shows the new wood veneer panelling, under the double cone light. The wood panel on the wall the kitchen divider is original and is being scraped so the new and old panels can be stained one color. You can also glimpse the super cute kitchen with original fridge, & stove/oven etc


1966 Travco 270 said...

Thanks for the photos! I bet it can be tiring to drive standing up huh? Well, my rig is kinda funny. The driver's seat is actually a seat from a Triumph TR3, or so the previous owner tells me, and the passenger's seat, well is not installed. I have some seats that came out of a Winnebago that I plan to install. The passenger seat is a large bench seat that swings partially over the engine cover.

Anyway, it looks like your reno is going to be outstanding!

Anonymous said...

Myrtles looking great , congrats . Just purchased a low mileage 72 travco . They certainly are vehicles with personality . Jody K

VoyageVixen said...

thanks for the comments! I am looking forward to camping in her for the first time this summer :)