Monday, June 23, 2008

Motorhomes are made of wood?

Well actually motorhome floors are made of wood and 44 year old wood is not that solid. So we (we being primarily Jason and his Dad) have removed the rotten wood and replaced the floor from the front of the unit to the fridge. The layer cake begins with the steel frame, like a whale rib cage, then the original plastic panel and then the new, cool, space age, thin, silver bubble wrap insulation and finally plywood. It took 2 pieces of plywood for the main floor area and another piece will be cut up to do by the front seats.

The pictures look more terrifying than they are. Myrtle is solid with good fiberglass and steel frame. However she is just really leaky! The more we rip out the more we have to rip out more! We had intended on painting the ceiling tiles but I think they will be replaced. We are also replacing all of the insulation. I found a sweet little mouse making is home up by the drivers seat. I caught him by the tail and released him in a field.

As far as I can tell these are the major things to be done; new insulation installed, new wood panelling in the front half, new tap for kitchen sink (just cause it is ugly), new front seats with shoulder straps, new dinette and new couch (these built ins were missing but I am finding some online replacements, or we may build them), and getting 2 new exterior panel access doors built, sealing the roof, removing and re-caulking all the windows, new ceiling panels, new wiring and solar panels and a good engine tune up. And sadly we will need to remove the cute little shelf above the bed as we need the precious few inches to stretch out our 6 foot and 6'3 frames. When you write it all down it looks like a total rebuild!

We got a pleasant surprise when we opened the side panel to see a brand new, not even hooked up, furnace. This will save some cash.

I removed the front signal lights as the plastic lenses are broken. I am on the hunt for suitable replacements. I also replaced the exterior door locks. (I am SURE that I picked out 2 knobs that were keyed the same at Revy but by the time I got home they were not! So that necessitated another trip to get a matching knob).

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1966 Travco 270 said...

Hey, do you have the triangular/tear-drop shape clearance lights? You can get sealed LED replacements from Carquest. Amber is: G5053, Red is: G5052